Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

~ A comparison of two countries ~

Better in UAE: food delivery
Better in US: online shopping and delivery of everything else

Better in UAE: toilet paper holder that puts the “under/over” debate to rest
Better in US: toilet paper

Better in UAE: laid back lifestyle
Better in US: efficiency

Better in UAE: the price of a good mattress
Better in US: sheets

Better in UAE: MUCH less congestion during rush hour
Better in US: abiding by road rules

Better in UAE: gas prices
Better in US: gas station on every other corner

Better in UAE: housing included with job
Better in US: housing included my kids and cats

Better in UAE: malls
Better in US: don’t need to go to malls unless you like doing that sort of thing

Better in UAE: parking rates
Better in US: parking lots

Better in UAE: sunny every day
Better in US: four seasons

Better in UAE: communication from companies is via text and email
Better in US: working phones. And voicemail.

Better in UAE: no junk mail
Better in US: mail delivery via an actual street address, even if it’s mostly junk

Better in UAE: brunch (an entire post wil be dedicated to THIS phenomenon soon!)
Better in US: concerts and musicals

Better in UAE: fewer commercials on the radio
Better in US: morning talk. Kenny & Daisy can’t hold a candle to Eric & Kathy in
the morning.

Better in UAE: swimming pools
Better in US: movie stars

And who couldn't change THIS roll?

And who couldn’t change THIS roll?

Pulling out of this lot is like spinning your tires in several feet of snow

Pulling out of this lot is like spinning your tires in several feet of snow


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